- Drain Tile Depressurization

- Block Wall Depressurization
- Sub-membrane Depressurization

- Sub Slab Depressurization

- Inaccessible Crawl Pressurization
- Seal All Radon Entry Routes
- Avoid Radon Gas Re-entrainment 
- Provide Free Mitigation Estimates


Our Team

​​From estimate to design to system installation, every step of the radon mitigation process is handled by our team of radon specialists. You're never alone! We don't glue pipes together and hope they will work. We build radon mitigation systems that work every time. You're hiring a highly trained and certified radon mitigation professionals. Above all, we think of ourselves humble guests in your home and, as such, respect your personal privacy and space. Building our systems right the first time helps us reduce cost, too.  

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We pride ourselves with 100% client satisfaction guaranteed. Our radon mitigation systems come with full five years entire system warranty, all of it. Fan goes bad, it's ours. Rarely the fans we use go bad but they do. And when that happens, you're covered. We'll come and replace it for you in no time. And since our installers are licensed radon specialists, we can always change the design before the installation is completed. Just let us know before or when we arrive to install the system. 

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Radon system

Design process

​We give a lot of attention to details when designing a radon mitigation system with most of the time buyers and future owners in mind. We consider noise, beauty, view, bedrooms, neighbors and system functionality every time we design radon mitigation system. You may like it in one area yourself and we may advise you to install the system in a different area. But the last decision is always yours. Our team of professionals then install the system the most beautiful way possible from the design. ​

Out Radon Designed Radon Mitigation Plan

We offer a wide range of full-scope radon mitigation services, radon testing, radon system designs, radon system integrity testing and repairs, fan replacements and many more. Our team of radon specialists will work directly with you to come to the best solution for your home, business, or commercial needs.

Radon Mitigation System
Out Radon Installed Radon Mitigation System


building beauty

We handle our radon mitigations with care and concern. We value beauty and function as we care for both the architectural and also structural integrity. We use space only what the radon system needs. Whether you're planning to finish the basement or not, we keep our pipes away from hindering future plans. We run them between joists without touching them. We avoid vibrations and unnecessary fittings on all our radon mitigation system installs. After we install a radon system, most don't notice it. 

Radon Mitigation Contractor: Out Radon

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- Radon Mitigation

- Radon Testing
- Radon System Designs
- Radon Fan Replacement
- Crawl Space Mitigation 
- Sump Pump Sealing 
- Seal Floor Joints & Cracks   
- Use Licensed Electrician
- Clean & Set Up Post Test

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